China is viewed by many as the next frontier in Environment, Health, and Safety. At Endeavour, we share that vision and we back it up with experience. Since 2004, Endeavour has been actively engaged in a number of projects in China, providing clients with regulatory insights and on-the-ground assistance in managing EHS issues in this challenging environment.

China Audit Assistance

Endeavour offers knowledgeable audit assistance to bridge the gap between Chinese environmental consultants and your facility. While local resources are crucial to a successful audit, local consultants may lose sight of your company’s broader business objectives and concerns. Endeavour understands both the Chinese regulatory structure and how business is done in China. For our audit clients, we can provide options for reliable local consultants and assistance in conducting the audits ? providing a bridge between corporate requirements and the Chinese regulatory structure. We can work to ensure an understandable audit product that meets the requirements of a corporate program.

China Permitting Assistance

Endeavour’s principals have completed numerous permitting assignments in China, from small operations to the overall management of permitting for a $2 billion semiconductor fab. Endeavour understands the China Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, as well as the process for conducting an Occupational Disease and Health Assessment (ODHA) and a Safety Impact Assessment (SIA).

Working in conjunction with partners holding the appropriate EIA, ODHA, and SIA licenses (certificates), Endeavour helps clients develop an English-language assessment application suitable for direct translation by the licensed partner. Endeavour’s skills and approach are especially valuable when dealing with a local institute without the representation of a major multi-national consulting firm.

China Third-Party Auditing

Concerned about your supply chain? With our visas at the ready, Endeavour can quickly assist in the conduct of EHS assessment of suppliers, JV partners, and potential acquisitions. Our experience with the Chinese regulatory structure and culture allows us to cut through to specific issues that affect your business relationships and your bottom line.