About Us: Why Endeavour?

Ever think that this is the first assignment your EHS auditor has ever completed? Ever get the feeling your consultant is trying to make your problem fit their solution? Well, chances are you are right. EHS consulting is a business, and big EHS consultants are big business. High overhead, marketing staff, accountants, and lawyers are all part of the bill you ultimately pay to your consultant. With Endeavour, you can step off the merry-go-round of increasing EHS costs and declining customer service.

Endeavour works with clients on a one-to-one basis. Endeavour provides only seasoned environmental professionals with an understanding of your business needs. Endeavour has no learning curve. Endeavour solves your problem ? we don’t simply try to convince you to use another client’s solution.

Endeavour is independent ? we’re not committed to specific subconsultants, we’re not promoting a technology or a technological solution ? we’re here to listen to your needs and address them with our skill set.

Endeavour is unique ? a broad range of regulatory compliance consulting built from a career of solely compliance and due diligence. We don’t do remediation, we don’t do urban planning, we don’t build bridges or roads ? we do EHS right.