Environmental Due Diligence

Effective due diligence is an art, not a science. Combining an understanding of the deal and our client’s needs, Endeavour can rapidly craft a worldwide team to act as an effective partner in your next acquisition. As an independent, we can direct our clients to the best team of field assessors to provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Limited Compliance Assessments. Endeavour works with the field team to develop cost and risk models for acquisition success. Endeavour’s principals are well-known for their abilities in the M&A space, having completed hundreds of transactions and having provided training to more than 250 professionals.

Managing Complex ? Worldwide Phase I Transactions

Endeavour’s ’ senior management is experienced in the completion of worldwide due diligence assignments including dozens of facilities. Endeavour works with a worldwide network of due diligence providers to obtain the best team of professionals working in the countries of concern. Endeavour also seeks the lowest cost ? most effective solution for its clients. By providing an experienced management team, Endeavour can pinpoint due diligence issues, especially in operational due diligence. Endeavour’s approach focuses on how the acquiring company will do business in the future, not simply in the purchase of a piece of real estate. Endeavour does not provide services for vacant real estate or development properties (unless in conjunction with a larger transaction), preferring to focus our energy in the industrial due diligence arena.

Industrial Phase I/Limited Compliance Assessments

Endeavour’s due diligence practice focuses on industrial operations and property. In many cases, the completion of an ASTM E1527-05 standard Phase I ESA is insufficient to meet a client’s needs in the acquisition of an industrial property. Endeavour’s principals were among the first to recognize the importance of a limited compliance (both environmental and health and safety) assessment in providing effective due diligence for industrial transactions.

Endeavour’s approach is to use a senior EHS consultant with significant due diligence experience to complete a one person visit at an industrial facility. A senior consultant can identify compliance hotspots for a particular industry prior to conducting a site visit. If Endeavour is managing a multi-site transaction, we will develop a framework, including a report to highlight these issues for our subconsultant team.

We at Endeavour welcome your questions about the combined Phase I/LCA. To obtain a model scope and an example of a report for such a project, please contact us at info@endeavourehs.com.

Phase II ? Limited Site Investigations

Endeavour provides project management for Phase II (limited site) investigations. Endeavour works with a number of drilling and sampling contractors throughout the US on these projects. Endeavour’s depth and strength of subcontracting relationships provides effective, accurate local assistance in Phase II work. Unlike many of the major consultants providing similar management services, we are not wedded to our own staff, resulting in errors of judgment and misunderstandings of local geological and hydrogeological conditions.

Managing Acquisition EHS Risk

Endeavour works with acquiring companies to develop a business risk profile for clients who are interested in understanding the future risk horizon. Through the use of modified Monte Carlo analyses, Endeavour can develop a financial risk profile for any business. Endeavour’s products have been used to alter the valuation in bid situations for acquisitions.