Process Safety Management

Endeavour provides clients with experienced process safety management (PSM) support, with an emphasis on compliance auditing. Endeavour’s principals have conducted PSM compliance audits for a wide range of industrial clients with varying chemical hazards. In addition to auditing, Endeavour has completed a range of PSM work including full PSM program development and implementation; facilitation of process hazards analyses; completion of management of change and pre-startup safety reviews for modified and new chemical processes; development of operating procedures and mechanical integrity programs for complex chemical processes; development and implementation of contractor safety programs; facilitation of incident investigations for process incidents and near misses; and development of emergency response plans and training of facility emergency response personnel.

PSM Auditing:

Endeavour’s auditing clients include petroleum refineries and chemical plants, specialty chemical manufacturers, microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturers, ammonia refrigeration and food processing facilities, pesticides manufacturers, electric utilities, and water and wastewater treatment plants. Endeavour’s principals have conducted hundreds of PSM compliance audits at facilities across the United States, and for several multinational corporations, audits of internal corporate standards incorporating the PSM requirements at sites around the world including Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, and The Netherlands.

PSM Written Program Development:

Endeavour has developed written PSM programs for numerous clients in various industries across the US. While many companies take a cookie-cutter approach to developing written programs, Endeavour realizes that a specialty chemical manufacturer will likely approach PSM differently than a water treatment plant. As such, Endeavour focuses on incorporating a facility’s existing policies and procedures into the written PSM program to develop a custom and site-specific approach to PSM program implementation that will work for the individual client. Process Hazards Analysis Facilitation:

Endeavour’s principals have facilitated hundreds of process hazards analyses (PHAs) for clients across the US. PHA methodologies employed include Hazard and Operability (HazOp) studies, what-if?/checklist assessments, failure modes and effects analyses (FMEA), and safety instrumented level (SIL) assessments.

Management of Change and Pre-Startup Safety Reviews:

It is a widely known fact that incidents and near misses often occur after a chemical process is modified, or after a process that has been shut down or idled for a period of time is restarted. Endeavour’s PSM experts have been called upon by clients to review proposed changes to chemical processes prior to design or installation of the change to ensure that the modifications being proposed do not introduce new or greater hazards. Endeavour realizes that these are critical reviews, and takes care in reviewing hazards of the changes with appropriate personnel involved in the process t identify hazards, ensure adequate safeguards are built into the process, and then after construction of the change, ensuring installation of the modifications and safeties are accurate and effective prior to startup of the revised process.

Operating Procedures and Mechanical Integrity Program Development:

Endeavour’s principals have been involved in the development of operating procedures and mechanical integrity programs for numerous clients in various industries. Endeavour understands that the personnel responsible for designing and operating the process equipment at the site hold the knowledge in the process. Therefore, Endeavour works closely with process operators and engineers when developing the written procedures for chemical processes to ensure that the local experts have procedures they can understand and use while ensuring the OSHA regulatory requirements are being met. In the same fashion, Endeavour works closely with maintenance personnel when developing mechanical integrity programs for process equipment to ensure that the appropriate tests and inspections are incorporated on a frequency that makes sense for the site, while accounting for the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations and equipment operating histories.

Contractor Safety Programs:

Endeavour works with clients to develop effective programs for tracking contractor safety around PSM-covered processes. Endeavour can assist clients in the development of safety performance screening programs (on a general or a project-specific basis) and the implementation of a screening process. Endeavour has worked with clients to develop contractor training programs and videos for programmatic and project purposes. Endeavour works with clients to evaluate ongoing safety performance of contractors and to develop audit processes to determine the success of contractor hazard and safety training.

Incident Investigation:

Endeavour’s PSM experts have been involved in incident investigations for clients across the US. Using root cause analysis methods, Endeavour has helped clients identify immediate and proximal causes of process safety incidents, and recommended corrective measures to reduce the potential for recurrence of incidents. Endeavour has investigated fires, explosions, and hazardous materials releases. Endeavour’s professionals are experienced in moving past proximal causes to determine the true root cause of an incident and provide valuable information to clients seeking to make changes to programs and processes from incident investigations.

Emergency Response Plan Development and Responder Training:

Endeavour’s principals have been working with clients to address emergency planning and response needs since before the PSM regulations were in place. Endeavour believes that an emergency response plan will be a useful document only if it accurately reflects the site’s capability to respond to an incident. As such, Endeavour’s approach to emergency response planning includes working with sites to identify what incidents they will ? and will not ? respond to, and in each case, the means they will use to ensure the emergency response effort is accomplished successfully and in accordance with requirements. Endeavour’s emergency response experts have also conducted training for facility emergency response and incident command personnel at numerous sites to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities as part of the emergency response structure at a site.