Case Study: Retail Compliance

Endeavour has assisted a number of retailers in meeting their compliance needs in California, addressing the requirements of California’s hazardous waste rules, Proposition 65, and fire code requirements. In 2004, Endeavour’s principal consultant led an effort for a major retailer to assess regulatory compliance at stores throughout California. Over the next three years, Endeavour has worked with this client to develop a compliance program for stores throughout California, including the following elements:

  • Identifying applicable environmental regulations;
  • Assessing compliance with regulations and corporate policies and programs;
  • Providing training to store employees and regional management on environmental issues; and
  • Developing an environmental management system to address ongoing compliance and performance.

In particular, Endeavour has worked with this client to determine which products would be considered as hazardous waste when spilled or disposed and how those products should be handled in the store environment. Working closely with a third-party provider of chemical evaluation (and MSDS authoring) services, Endeavour reviewed thousands of retail products for their characteristics under California’s stringent hazardous waste rules (22 CCR Chapter 11). Endeavour performed in-store assessments of hazardous materials handling, as well as an evaluation of the client’s new hazardous waste management system.

Endeavour has provided responsive service for a broad range of client questions, assisting with addressing concerns from CUPA inspections, internal compliance visits, and store management.